Venturing Abroad


Venturing Abroad: Entrepreneurs & Trail-Blazers


Live · Experience · Learn


Venturing Abroad: Entrepreneurs & Trail-BlazersGo forth & be part of Southeast Asia's explosive growth in the Asian Century


  1. Live: Countries of Expertise

Our trainers live & work in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos, speaking the local languages & holding Permanent Resident visas in some cases. As our participant, you gain access to their insights & understanding of local culture, consumer behaviour, successful business strategies & current trade policies & labour laws.


  1. Experience: Overseas Business Missions

We conduct overseas business missions where you get to meet local government officials & business owners from different ministries & industry sectors. This can help you identify strategic partners you can work with on joint ventures or help launch your own start-up.


  1. Learn: On The Ground Fundamentals

Fancy becoming a Founder/CTO of an IT start-up in Vietnam’s ASEAN “Silicon Valley”? Or building a $10m power plant in Indonesia? We provide you with a practical understanding of how things work on the ground so you can adopt the right fundamental strategies & tactics in human resource, sales & marketing, finance & operations.