ICMAC 2018: Xiamen Edition


Xiamen Edition: Linking One Belt One Road with Smart Biotech

6-7 July 2018 @ Xiamen World Trade Centre, Xiamen, China


Xiamen City is a thriving innovation hub developed with grounded stability. The leaders and officials of Xiamen City have spearheaded the stable growth of the city and the people of Xiamen City are progressive and innovative. These two factors have elevated Xiamen City to Tier 1 status in 2017. As one of four original Special Economic Zones in China and part of the Fujian Free Trade Zone, Xiamen City boasts the 7th largest container port in China (Top 15 in the world) and ranks 6th amongst the Top 100 E-Commerce Cities in China.

China is the world’s second largest market for pharmaceuticals, estimated to soar to a high of $167 billion in 2020. From APIs to biologics and generics, China’s entrepreneurs are leading the way as the world’s largest producer of pharmaceuticals. At the same time, China’s ageing population puts considerable strain on its overburdened medical system, which has a low density of healthcare professionals distributed across China. Smart technologies can help to address these current gaps, utilising innovative solutions that enable better delivery of healthcare and services with lesser resources. ICMAC 2018: Xiamen Edition showcases smart innovations in health and pharmaceuticals for China’s One Belt One Road Initiative that will enable Xiamen City to become a leading smart health city in a Healthy China.


Aim of ICMAC 2018

ICMAC 2018 is built on the successes of previous conferences in Bali (2017, Smart Innovations for Smart Cities of East Asia), Singapore (2016, Rise of Smart Cities in Asia; 2013, Rise of ASEAN;), Bali (2015, Integrating ASEAN), Kuala Lumpur (2014, ASEAN Entrepreneurs in Technology), and Singapore (2013, Managing the Asian Century). The five conferences brought together international investors, Asia and US inventors and innovators, and representatives of Asian governments. The participants came from incubation hubs of Asia, research think-tanks of Europe, and the Silicon Valley USA.

The theme of ICMAC 2018 - Xiamen: Linking One Belt One Road with Smart Biotech – will host a gathering of like-minded people: international and Asian academics, innovators and representatives of governments. Information technologies and their influences in industry, government and policy planning will be the focus. Digitization trend (past, present and future) will be of particular interest to the participants. The focus is on how Asian nations collaborate on developing inventions and digital innovations for growth across Asia.

We welcome contributions that draw upon contemporary ideas and developments linking AI, IoT and sharing economy with drugs, vaccines, bio-therapeutics, medical devices and other areas significant to Health Tech, Biotech, SmartTech, health and pharmaceuticals.


ICMAC 2018 Conference Registration

Conference Venue: Xiamen World Trade Centre, Xiamen, China

Conference Registration: USD $1,000

​​Networking Dinner [Day 1]: USD $100

​​Conference Hotel Rooms: Please contact organizers for availability

​​* Conference Registration fee applies regardless of number of conference days attending.

** Does not include air tickets or airport transfers.