ICMAC 2019: Kharagpur Edition


Kharagpur Edition: Digital World of Asia

13-15 March 2019 @ Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India


Today, Asia is the growth hub of the world. Asian countries account for nearly 40% of the world GDP and most of these countries are growing at much faster rate compared to the developed nations. Digitization of government institutions, industries, economic and business processes have energized growth potential in these countries. This conference provides a forum for academics, business leaders and policy planners to discuss and share knowledge related to technology influenced development. ICMAC 2019: Kharagpur Edition welcomes contributions from all over the world as we believe Asian nations can benefit from knowledge created in various parts of the world.

*This conference is organized in parallel with another international conference (MESH 2019), International Conference on Management of Ergonomic Design, Industrial Safety and Healthcare Systems, http://www.iem.iitkgp.ernet.in/mesh2018/. Participants of ICMAC KHARAGPUR can take advantage of discounted registration to attend MESH 2018.


Aim of ICMAC 2019

ICMAC 2019 is built on the successes of previous conferences in Bali (2017, Smart Innovations for Smart Cities of East Asia), Singapore (2016, Rise of Smart Cities in Asia; 2013, Rise of ASEAN;), Bali (2015, Integrating ASEAN), Kuala Lumpur (2014, ASEAN Entrepreneurs in Technology), and Singapore (2013, Managing the Asian Century). The five conferences brought together international investors, Asia and US inventors and innovators, and representatives of Asian governments. The participants came from incubation hubs of Asia, research think-tanks of Europe, and the Silicon Valley USA.

The themes of ICMAC 2019 - Kharagpur: Digital World of Asia – will host a gathering of like-minded people: international and Asian academics, innovators and representatives of governments. Information technologies and their influences in industry, government and policy planning will be the focus. Digitization trend (past, present and future) will be of particular interest to the participants. The focus is on how Asian nations collaborate on developing inventions and digital innovations for growth across Asia.

We welcome contributions that draw upon contemporary ideas and developments in practices of management, education, organizational development, climate change, financial and economic planning and other areas significant to socio-cultural, environmental and economic development.


ICMAC 2019 Conference Registration

Conference Venue: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Conference Registration: USD $350 for international participants; RS5000 for Indian participants

​​Conference Hotel Rooms: Please contact organizers for availability

​​* Conference Registration fee applies regardless of number of conference days attending.

** Does not include air tickets or airport transfers.