Mentoring Educators and Researchers in Action



The Mentoring Educators and Researchers in Action (MERIA) Programme aims to mentor educators and researchers to conduct, write and publish research in peer-reviewed international journals, conferences and books. This provides evidence of new knowledge produced by, and recognition of the researchers and their affiliated universities. Only then will the academic faculty and their universities will grow from good to greatness.


Instructional Methodology

  1. Writing the Abstract concisely and choosing thevKeywords (2 hours + Practice)
  2. Setting the context for the Introduction (2 hours + Practice)
  3. Deciding on the themes for writing the Literature Review (2 hours + practice)
  4. Structuring and writing the Research Methodology (2 hours + Practice)
  5. Writing the Research Finding (2 hours + Practice)
  6. Thinking through and writing the Discussion of Findings (2 hours + Practice)
  7. Writing the Conclusion (2 hours + Practice)
  8. Finding and formatting the References (2 hours + Practice)
  9. Identifying the Target Journal (2 hours + Practice)
  10. Revising according to Journal Editors (many hours of practice)
  11. Presenting at the ICMAC International Conference (additional)


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